Allow Scheduled Reports to specify a different mail server

You may wish to configure the delivery of your Scheduled Reports from your own mail server.  This allows you to host the outgoing email and remove the Wink Reports footer settings.  To do this you need to:

  1. Create a Connector to your Email Server.
  2. Select your Email Connector for Scheduled Reports and create a Custom Message using Raw HTML for your email delivery

Create a Connector to your Email Server

  1. From the Wink Menu, select Connectors.  
  2. Select Email Accounts.
  3. Select Add New Email Account.
  4. Complete the New Email Account for Wink Reports:
    1. Description - if you have more than one connector, indicate what it is used for.
    2. Email Address - the email address to be used for this account.
    3. From Name - The name of the email account as it will appear to your users.
    4. Mark as default email - check this box so it appears first in your drop-down list.
    5. Username - the username of the email account.
    6. Password - the password of the email account.
    7. Outgoing mail server - the mail server name.
    8. Port - the default port to use.
      1. check box to use TLS

This connector will now be available for selection when scheduling reports.

Scheduled Reports Parameters

  1. From the Winks Menu, select Scheduled Reports 
  2. Select a report to be scheduled, or Add New report.
  3. Select your connector as the From email address when using Email as your delivery method.
  4. Click on the Custom Message tab, select Raw HTML, from the Email template drop down and create the layout for your email delivery.