How to change Wink Report Header text and background colours

Wink Reports allows users to change the colour of header rows and the colour of text on the header rows on their reports.

Follow these steps to change your header row background and text colours.

Organisation Colours

You can set default colours for the organisation, as well as overriding those colours per-report.

Follow these steps to set organisation default colours.

1. Select Organisations from the Wink Reports ;) menu:

2. Click the organisation to change:

3. Choose background and text colours:

4. Save

5. Run a report to see the new colours.

Note: If colours have been overridden for a particular report, you will see those colours instead of the organisation colours. 

Per Report - Standard Reports

These steps only apply to some standard reports which do not use the report designer. For designer reports, use the designer options to change the colours.

1. Select Reports from the Wink Reports ;) menu:

2. Nominate the Organisation that you want to change the header row background colour or text colour for (if you have access to more than one organisation). If you only have access to one Organisation, you will jump straight to step # 3.

3. The list of reports the chosen organisation has access to will appear. Click the Settings button next to the report you want to edit the header background colour and/or header text colour:

4. Click the drop-down arrow next to the option you wish to edit the colour for and the colour picker will be displayed. Choose your desired colour:

5. Once you've finished editing your colours, click the Submit button and your changes will take effect

Per Report - Designer ReportsReports created using the report designer allow you to override the organisation colours.

1. Open the report in the report designer.

2. Find the Header Format Override option under Advanced: 

3. Select a colour, or clear the colour to use the organisation defaults.

Note: the designer also allows per-column colours. Look at the formatting section of the Column options.