How to change your Wink Reports region settings

Wink Reports caters for multiple global regions for formatting dates, currency etc.

There are two places where region settings can be configured:

  1. For the organisation
  2. For your user login (with an option to override the organisation setting)

Organisation Region Settings

Follow these steps to tune your organisation settings to your region.

1. Select Organisations from the left menu, then click the name of the organisation you want to modify

2. Adjust the Timezone and the Language and Region options. These values will be the default for all users of the organisation unless overriden by each user. They are also used for sharing URLs, scheduled emails, and automations.

3. Save your changes.

User Region Settings

Follow these steps to tune your reports to your region.

1. Select your Wink Reports ;) profile menu drop-down


2. Click on the Profile option.

3. Click the Timezone option and select your timezone. This affects the display of time values.

4. Click the Locale option and select your language and region. This affects formatting of numbers, dates, and currency symbols.

5. Optionally choose to override the organisation settings. You would typically leave this setting off.

5. Click save and return to your reports.