How to Create a Dashlet

How to Create a Dashlet

A dashlet summarizes the contents of a report, often in a visual way.
Here are the steps in creating a dashlet.

Go to your report and Click "Design Report"

In the report body, click on "Dashlet"

There are various Dashlet Type you can choose from and as soon as you select any of these, their corresponding Graph Type will automatically appear for you to use.

Example 1:
Dashlet Type: Single KPI Values
Graph Type: Gauge

Follow below steps:
Once above is filled up, click on "Save and Run" on the upper right side of your report and Click "Report Design" again.       

In your report, Click on the Dashlet once again and you can now see the Sales Report Dashlet has been created.

Example 2:
Dashlet Type: Value Over Time
Graph Type: Bar Graph

Follow below steps:
Click Save and Run then go to report and you will see the Line Graph upon clicking the Dashlet.


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