How to delete or update a record from your reporting data

To assist in your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there may be an occasion that you need to remove a record from your reporting data.  As Wink synchronises data across your connectors, when a record is deleted from your source data, the record will then be removed from Wink. 

To remove the record you will need to identify where the record lives in your data source system/connector, and complete the process to delete within those nominated systems.  As an example, you may have a customer record in ServiceM8 and Xero, so you must complete the action to delete that customer record from both systems.  The next synchronisation of your Wink connection to those systems will remove the record accordingly.

To review your Connection details

  1. Login to Wink Reports as an Administration user.
  2. From the Connectors Menu, select the relevant Connector and click on the Status link.
  3. Review the connection status to know when the selected record will be/has been removed from Wink. Each connector will have a different refresh window, so please review the details carefully to ensure you are within the window for deletion.