How to share or restrict a report

At times you might want to share a report with someone who does not have a Wink account. This is also a good way to restrict which reports people in your organisation can access.

Step 1 - run the report you want to share, with the filter parameters you want. People you share it with will NOT be able to change the filters. The click on the share icon located above the report filter section:

Step 2 - give the sharing URL a name. You will be able to modify the filters or remove the sharing URL with this name:

Step 3 - Once you saved the name the system will display the sharing URL for you at the top of the window. You can now give this URL to the people you want to share it with, for example by emailing it to the marketing team.

Step 4 - When someone goes to the link location, they will see the report, but they don't need to log in to Wink, and they won't be able to see or change any filters: