How to view data relevant to a particular person or client

How to view data relevant to a particular person or client

To assist in your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there may be an occasion that you need to view or retrieve all records of a particular person or customer from your reporting data.  To assist in the process of review, the following steps will help you create a report to view relevant data.

Reference data is usually only stored in one place.  Removing the record itself will also remove this from all of the places that use that record.   For example: if you delete a customer record, does this remove all of the sales history for that customer?  Is the sales transaction retained and the customer name removed?  The rules that apply here are determined by your data source / connector, and the process of deletion should also be understood when viewing relevant data in Wink. 
  1. Determine the system that holds the original information.  You may then review the data sources available for the Connector in Wink.
    1. Login to Wink Reports as an Administration user.
    2. From the Connectors Menu, select the relevant Connector and click on the Data Sources link
    3. All of the relevant data sources are displayed on this page.  You may Expand All to reveal all fields available for all data sources.  You may search across this page by using the browser Find option.  For example if you wish to search for contact name, this field will then be highlighted in all data sources.
      You can then create a report, or series of reports, to cross check if the relevant data exists in Wink.  You should start with the original data source, in this example Xero Contacts. For more details see Designing Your First Report.

    4. You may wish to add a filter to the report to look for a specific record.  This will limit to only the matching row(s) and save your time of report review.

  2. Repeat this procedure for all data sources you wish to view.
  3. Repeat this procedure for all Connectors you wish to check.
If you have any questions or require assistance with this process, please contact our Support team.

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