Import an Excel file

How to Import Your Own Excel Data and use it to create a Report

Set up a Connector to Excel

  • From the left-hand menu, choose Connectors
  • In the center of the screen there will now be a list of available Connectors (see below)
  • Scroll down and locate ‘File Import’ then click on the ‘Connect Now’ button (this will allow you to create a Connector to Import your own data from Excel, CSV, JSON, and other files)
  • After clicking on the ‘Connect Now’ button you will then see the ‘File Import Connector’ screen with Connection Details (see below)
  • If this is your first time adding an Excel file, you can now click on the green button labeled ‘Import New File’ or click on the blue hyperlink ‘Please add one’ (see above)
  • Once you have clicked on ‘Import New File’ or ‘Please add one’ you will see a screen that will allow you to Add a Title and then Browse and choose a file (in the screen shot below, a file name ‘Restaurants.xlsx’ was chosen)
  • Click on ‘Save’ once you have added the Title and chosen a file
  • The next screenshot shows the resultant screen after clicking on Save
  • From this screen you can
    • ‘Forget’ (remove) the Connector
    • Import a New Excel, CSV etc. file to report on
    • Reload (‘Upload Again’) the file again
    • Remove the file
  • You have now successfully created the Connector and Imported the Excel file
  • In the future, to return to the File Import Connector screen above (for editing, importing, removing Excel files), click on your ‘User Name‘ in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Then choose ‘Setup Connectors’, scroll down and locate the ‘File Import’ connector and then click on ‘Status’

Create a Report using the Excel Connector

  • Login to Wink and at the Main screen click on ‘Reports’ on the left-hand side of the screen
  • The following screen will appear
  • Next click on ‘Design a New Report' (as shown below)
  • The following screen will appear
  • Type in a ‘Title’ (in the above example ‘Restaurants Report’, next, choose a 'Report Type’ (Spreadsheet or Multi-Tab Spreadsheet), next choose a Data Source’ (in this case under ‘File Import’ choose the data source name for the Excel Connector just created above), finally click on ‘Create’
  • The basic Report will now be created and appear similar to below (you can now perform further editing etc.):