Wink Automation Actions for ServiceM8

How can I use Wink Automations to help streamline the workflows in my business?

For a video overview of Wink Automations and how they work, checkout What are Automations?

Wink collects your data from ServiceM8 using an Application Programming Interface (API).  Wink's ServiceM8 Connector uses webhooks to instantly update Wink reports. The following is available for reporting: jobs, clients, appointments, payments, notes, forms, queues, badges, categories, custom fields.

Wink can also use the ServiceM8 connector to send information back into ServiceM8 from Wink Reports.  This is achieved through the creation of an Automation which holds a series of Actions to complete.  The action (e.g. Create a Job) captures the data needed to perform the ServiceM8 action.  Each automation design may have a series of actions that are required, which becomes and ordered sequence of steps needed to achieve the overall objective of the workflow process.  It is important to note that each action represents a request to the ServiceM8 API, whether we are creating or updating information.

Listed below are the standard actions available for ServiceM8.  We will describe each of these with a real world example of how you would use this in your business. This will be explained in no specific order.  There are also many additional standard actions in Wink Automations e.g. send email, that will not be documented here but can be used to complete your automated workflow.  

Action Name(s) Description Use Case
  • Create Client Contact
  • Create Job Contact
  • Create Client or Site
  • Update Client
Create client lists easily with all of the required fields mapped for you in these actions. Once a client is created you may easily update the information as needed. I use Wink Automations to build client site listings when I sign a new contract with an agency.  The information is provided via an excel spreadsheet, which I link to Wink Reports via the File Import Connector. The update of this file automatically runs the automation to create the new client records or update their contact information when it changes.  This saves time and eliminates any error in manually creating these records in ServiceM8 and ensures the information is always up to date.
  • Create a Job
  • Update a Job


Create a job easily with all of the required fields mapped for you in these actions.  Once a job is created, you may also update any of this information as needed. I use Wink Automations to create jobs from my insurance system that generates new job activity.  I can export a CSV from this system.  The information  in the CSV is linked to Wink reports via the File Import Connector.  I manually trigger the Wink Automation which then creates the jobs in ServiceM8, saving time and eliminating any error in manually creating these records.
  • Create Appointment
  • Update Appointment
Create and update your job activity, either scheduled or recorded through these actions.   I use Wink Automations to create a new free revisit appointment for a client when they have received a service from us.  The appointment is needs to be scheduled within a specific timeframe.  I use this in conjunction with the create job automation to ensure all follow up work is scheduled when the original job is invoiced and paid for in full.
  • Create Invoice Line
  • Update Material
Add material lines to your jobs easily with the required fields mapped for you in these actions.  Once a material line is created, information can be updated for a job as needed. I use Wink Reports to calculate catalog pricing for certain categories in my business.  I use the Wink Automation to automatically calculate and add this to jobs as they are created and assigned to certain categories in ServiceM8.  Complex calculations are no longer performed manually by our staff.
  • Attach Report to Job
  • Update Attachment
  • Delete Attachment
Maintain job attachments in the ServiceM8 job history.  Once an attachment is created in ServiceM8, it can also be updated and deleted if needed. I have a report in Wink that produces the quote for a job when it is changed to a work order status.  The quote is emailed to the client.  This ensures every customer has an emailed copy of the quote, and it is attached to the job history for our staff to review if needed.  I also have an exception report that tells me if a job has been changed to work order status without any material lines.  Staff fix the job and then it get's picked up and sent via email.  I never send quotes that have no value.
  • Create Task
  • Delete Task
Maintain job tasks, details and due dates easily.  Delete tasks easily of they are no longer needed. I have a report in Wink that tells me when a job has been opened but a quote has not been responded to.  I create a task for my team to follow up with the client after 3 days to see if we have won the business.
  • Send SMS
Use the ServiceM8 SMS feature to send messages to your staff or clients. I have a report in Wink that tells me if a Staff member has not clocked off a job after 6:00pm every day.  I use this automation to send an SMS message to tell them to log off in their app.  This ensures our clocking activity represents the actual hours worked every day.