Exporting Reports to Google Services

Exporting Reports to Google Services

There are a few different ways of exporting the contents of a Wink report into Google Sheets or Google Drive. The appropriate method depends on your use case - especially if you're intending to snapshot data, or import it live for further manipulation.

Google Sheets

The IMPORTDATA function can be used to pull live data from Wink Reports into Google Sheets. Use the following steps:
  1. Check the design of the report you wish to export into Google Sheets and ensure that CSV export is enabled in the advanced options tab
  2. View the report and select the filter values that will be applied to the export
  3. Create a Sharing URL for the export
  4. Visit the generated sharing URL, and add ?inline=1&csv=1 to the URL in the browser. If you visit the modified URL, you should get a CSV file downloaded.
  5. In a blank Google Sheets sheet, add the following formula to cell A1:
    =IMPORTDATA("<long sharing URL here>")
  6. Google Sheets should fetch the CSV file generated by Wink and insert it into your sheet.
There are some other tweaks to try if the CSV import isn't exactly to your liking:
  1. Try adding only ?inline=1 to the URL and using IMPORTHTML:
    =IMPORTHTML("<long sharing URL here>", "table", 1)
  2. Try adding ?inline=1&excel=1 and using IMPORTRANGE:
    =IMPORTRANGE("<long sharing URL here>", "sheet1!A1:C10")

Google Drive via Email Schedules

The easiest way to copy a Wink report into Google Drive is via an email schedule + Zapier.

Zapier have a recipe which gives you a unique email address, and will add any received attachments to Google Drive. You can configure the zap to either replace an existing file, or always create a new file so that a history is kept.

The file saved in Drive will be the same format selected in the email schedule configuration. Excel or CSV are good choices for further manipulation and analysis. PDF is a good choice for saving an audit trail which can't be modified.

Files saved in Drive can be downloaded to your computer or opened in Google Sheets for editing.

Google Drive via Automations

The email schedule technique works similary well when using automations.

Configure the automation to send an email with attachment to the Zapier generated email address to get the Wink report into Google Drive.
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